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By: Sasha Scarr Graham | April 12, 2018


After all this fuckery with Stormy Daniels, 45 and his weak ass lace front--45 finally dedcidedthathe would sign SESTA/FOSTA, ultimately attempting to sentence sex workers to death because "uncle" Sam can't jack they check (I'm seriously just going to stop paying taxes).

They're also low-key pursuing the equivalent of union busting, by incriminating anyone who helps or protects sex workers (hoes like me, who give out condoms, host sex workers, provide outreach, and sponsoring).

Obviously, my desire to piss and shit on the president, and every law in America, have inspired to offer any and all sex workers some alternatives to backpage. They are separated by free and paid, but are ranked first to last, being judged by accessibility, v...

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By: Sasha Scarr Graham | February 18, 2018

In recent times, the risk of deportation for undocumented persons in the United States has skyrocketed, thanks to the rise of Cheeto Hitler. HOWEVER, in the wake of Drumpf’s quest for destruction, I’ve decided to release a 101/how to on immigration disruption and deportation resistance.

Direct action is the most important aspect of resistance to fascism. It is important to know your rights and to educated the occupants of your living space on how to protect themselves and their undocumented comrades.



  • You do NOT have to let the police into your home for ANY reason, unless they have a warrant. If they have a warrant, you can ask them to slide it underneath the door, so that you...

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By: Sasha Scarr Graham | February 17, 2018

"Judith beheading Holofernes" by Kehinde Wiley

Recently, after catching Meghan’s defense of heritage loyalist Laci Green, I decided to look into her and her work. Turns out, she’s a white supremacist. I spent a couple of hours reading pieces written by and about her. I found a pattern. All of everything she writes is exclusive to reforming colonized societies to be friendlier to anglo-descended women, without any regard to womyn of colour or the complete decolonization of all lands that fell to Europe’s violent conquests.

For instance, Meghan is noted for defending rapist Hugo Schwyzer — but called for the killing of Chris Brown. The white woman is known to defend her white man unconditionally, as long as he defends, protects, and fails to commit violence against her. White women have re...

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By: Sasha Scarr Graham | February 05, 2018

The saints are the sinners who keep on trying.

All my life, I've been a tool. Not like an asshole or a douche bag (although I suppose that wouldn't be entirely false either).

But I've been held and wielded by so many things and people, I  probably would have made a decent quickie hooker if I were good company.

After all, I've tried my hand in every path I saw I could walk on―and nothing fit. I worked corporate, and nearly went insane. I HATE taking "orders" more than anything, so we know why the military didn't work out. Customer service was not going to cut it, and freelance―well, you've either got to be a prodigy, or well enough known to be mediocre and still pick up clientele. I've never really had a choice, anyway.

I couldn't even drop out of high-school, but I...

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