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Champion for the undesirables.

By: Sasha Scarr Graham | September 25, 2018

Originally, I started writing this on facebook, but fuck facebook.

Here, no one can tell me what's "against community standards", how many characters are allowed, or what words must be censored in order for me to post.

I’m writing this to be honest, so that it can be translated into other languages, and so I can add more to it as it comes to me.

All over the world, this generation of adults, specifically those aged 19-35 are feeling the pressures of adulthood prematurely. There was no “easing in” for us. We were miseducated, left untrained, and thrown to the wolves. Still, we are expected to shoulder the burden of autodidacticism, while maintaining conventional mental stability (with little to no resources available to our disposal)...

By: Sasha Scarr Graham | June 08, 2018

Black Lesbian Activist Angela Davis

After the fall of the Black Panthers, the womyn who were the backbone of the time's Black power movements and organizations, banded together, and decided to do something that would be wholly useful to everyone in the Black community, as opposed to just men.

This included social programs, community aid, and re-education.

But today, something more disgusting, and more atrocious is brewing. The once semi-productive "pro-Black" scene, has become a morbid abyss of ignorance, debauchery, corruption, phallus worship, and is calling for the demand of female submission to unfit (and unworthy) male authority.

Rabid male supremacists have established themselves to be the forefront of many movements and organizations 

By: Sasha Scarr Graham | February 05, 2018

The saints are the sinners who keep on trying.

All my life, I've been a tool. Not like an asshole or a douche bag (although I suppose that wouldn't be entirely false either).

But I've been held and wielded by so many things and people, I  probably would have made a decent quickie hooker if I were good company.

After all, I've tried my hand in every path I saw I could walk on―and nothing fit. I worked corporate, and nearly went insane. I HATE taking "orders" more than anything, so we know why the military didn't work out. Customer service was not going to cut it, and freelance―well, you've either got to be a prodigy, or well enough known to be mediocre and still pick up clientele. I've never really had a choice, anyway.

I couldn't even drop out of high-school, but I...