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By: Sasha Scarr Graham | February 17, 2018

"Judith beheading Holofernes" by Kehinde Wiley

Recently, after catching Meghan’s defense of heritage loyalist Laci Green, I decided to look into her and her work. Turns out, she’s a white supremacist. I spent a couple of hours reading pieces written by and about her. I found a pattern. All of everything she writes is exclusive to reforming colonized societies to be friendlier to anglo-descended women, without any regard to womyn of colour or the complete decolonization of all lands that fell to Europe’s violent conquests.

For instance, Meghan is noted for defending rapist Hugo Schwyzer — but called for the killing of Chris Brown. The white woman is known to defend her white man unconditionally, as long as he defends, protects, and fails to commit violence against her. White women have repeated this behaviour throughout history, allowing their slave-owning husbands to rape Black female slaves violently and repeatedly — and without any intervention.

I find that women like this are often the most entitled, the most inconsiderate, and the most demanding.

Meghan’s criticism of persons who refuse to follow anglocentric social order (transgender persons, Indigenous identified persons, self-preservationists) serves to maintain Eurocentric social and political structure — as long as it is equally accessible or can be controlled by white women. (See; #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen)

Violent colonizer Meagan Murphy

This dates back to the periods of forced assimilation. Her violent ideas express that identities are absolute, assigned to you by your superior, and are unchangeable. This conflicts with many Afrikan, Aboriginal, and Islander cultures and perspectives. Many of which, exist outside the European binary.

Even the things that white women are discovering by their literary deconstruction of a white-male built and led social order, were things that were of the norm to us and our ancestors. Things like self-love, mutual aid, unconditional love and respect — led the European’s charge to dehumanize and “other” our cultures and identities and “savage” and “sinful”. They exchanged our identities with that of which could be understood by them, and advocated (later to commit) for our deaths if we dare not comply.

Three Lakota Boys, Carlisle Indian Industrial School — Assimilation Period (ca. 1900)

They removed our agency and erased our perspectives from the world, all in the name of their supposed superiority over us.

This is what Meghan, and other white supremacist fauxminists like her are doing. They are stepping on and advocating the erasure of non-European binary identified persons. They want to foster and maintain a society of which removes obstacles for them, but the liberation and agency of other persons will not occur.

We must combat this. Racism and white supremacy don’t begin and end at Donald Trump and his nationalist followers. Every attempt to assimilate, reform, or unify with their system is another arrangement of white supremacy. We must resist this at every corner, in the way our ancestors failed to do. Anything the white woman attempts to offer is usually a Trojan Horse, sent for us to carry her to a throne we will unintentionally build and place her — and those like her upon.


Jahnee Desselle

Posted on : March 08, 2018

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