Sasha Scarr Graham
Champion for the undesirables.

By: Sasha Scarr Graham | September 25, 2018

Originally, I started writing this on facebook, but fuck facebook.

Here, no one can tell me what's "against community standards", how many characters are allowed, or what words must be censored in order for me to post.

I’m writing this to be honest, so that it can be translated into other languages, and so I can add more to it as it comes to me.

All over the world, this generation of adults, specifically those aged 19-35 are feeling the pressures of adulthood prematurely. There was no “easing in” for us. We were miseducated, left untrained, and thrown to the wolves. Still, we are expected to shoulder the burden of autodidacticism, while maintaining conventional mental stability (with little to no resources available to our disposal)...