Sasha Scarr Graham
Champion for the undesirables.

By: Sasha Scarr Graham | April 12, 2018


After all this fuckery with Stormy Daniels, 45 and his weak ass lace front--45 finally dedcidedthathe would sign SESTA/FOSTA, ultimately attempting to sentence sex workers to death because "uncle" Sam can't jack they check (I'm seriously just going to stop paying taxes).

They're also low-key pursuing the equivalent of union busting, by incriminating anyone who helps or protects sex workers (hoes like me, who give out condoms, host sex workers, provide outreach, and sponsoring).

Obviously, my desire to piss and shit on the president, and every law in America, have inspired to offer any and all sex workers some alternatives to backpage. They are separated by free and paid, but are ranked first to last, being judged by accessibility, v...

By: Sasha Scarr Graham | February 18, 2018

In recent times, the risk of deportation for undocumented persons in the United States has skyrocketed, thanks to the rise of Cheeto Hitler. HOWEVER, in the wake of Drumpf’s quest for destruction, I’ve decided to release a 101/how to on immigration disruption and deportation resistance.

Direct action is the most important aspect of resistance to fascism. It is important to know your rights and to educated the occupants of your living space on how to protect themselves and their undocumented comrades.



  • You do NOT have to let the police into your home for ANY reason, unless they have a warrant. If they have a warrant, you can ask them to slide it underneath the door, so that you...